Access in Ireland

Hudson Partnership supports the Access client base in Ireland, north and south, working closely with the team of A/C Managers in Access Group UK. This involves two main areas, liaising with the current clients to maximise their use of the Access suite of software and then looking at potential new opportunities for the system with particular emphasis on the Manufacturing sector, where Access is a best of breed system.

For the existing Dimensions, Dimensions Lite and Horizons clients, through our team of technical consultants, we can provide a wide range of services locally, including system upgrades, training, consultancy, systems advice, report writing, Excel and Crystal design and integrations.


Access Accounts ERP solutions

Some of the key benefits of this award winning business and financial management software are:

  • Finance and accounting - Take control of your business with an integrated financial management system.
  • Reporting and analytics - get a 360 degree view across your business and quickly create real time reports and dashboards.
  • Procurement and purchase automation - easily manage costs and maximise profitability for your business.
  • Project costing and timesheets - 24/7 access to timesheets via tablet or mobile phone.
  • Resource scheduling - get the best value from fee earning staff and minimise whitespace.
  • Expense Management - Make it easy for your project and contract teams to submit expenses.


Access Manufacturing

Dedicated state of the art accounting software for manufacturing companies, helping you to account for raw materials, processing costs and value finished items more efficiently. From assembly manufacturing to made-to-order, keep tight control of your finances and operations

Make finance and stock management work harder for you

  • Do your procurement and supplier management systems hinder your manufacturing processes?
  • Would you like to identify and optimise costly manufacturing procedures?
  • Do stock management systems help optimise cash flow and provide LIFO (last in first out) or FIFO (first in first out) inventory control?
  • Access software helps maximise cash flow by increasing the rate receivables are paid, optimising stock levels and cutting inefficiency costs

Apart from a full ERP suite suitable for the service and distribution SME sector, there is considerable expertise in the manufacturing sector and  appropriate for any companies who are manufacturing with particular emphasis on:


  • Aerospace
  • Precision Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Metal machining, engineering, turning, milling, fabrication, sheet metal, bending, anything to do with metal basically.
  • Any industry where traceability of components and raw materials is important as well as generating MRP etc.


These companies are usually owner managed and turnover around €1 - €25m. Main reason is these are highly regulated industries and require tight control of manufacturing including traceability. Typically the Production Manager will be using spreadsheets and whiteboards for control the processes.


One of the real benefits about this manufacturing system is that it can work with existing financial packages e.g. Sage, SAP, Microsoft, Exchequer and Pegasus. So a client can keep their own system and add the Access Mfg. systems or can use the entire Access ERP and Mfg. suite.

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